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A-Line Designs is Edmond's best luxury interior designer, and we helped them migrate and refresh their website.

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6 weeks


September 21, 2022


Founded in 2009 by Paige Sheller, A-Line Designs is an interior design company based in Edmond, Oklahoma, and they specialize in commercial and residential interior design. A-Line Designs' website designer (at the time) had developed their own CMS (content management system). When their old web design company built A-Line's site in 2016, they used this custom CMS.

In early 2022, their old web design company announced that they would shut down the content management system by the end of the year and informed their clients that the migration would cost several thousand dollars and, if they didn't want to migrate, to find another developer. According to A-Line Designs, a re-design was not offered as a part of this deal. Either way, the old web designer's decision to shut down its proprietary CMS put A-Line Designs in a challenging situation.

To make matters worse, A-Line Designs re-designed their website in 2016 with that designer because they were frustrated with WordPress and wanted something easier to use. Their old web designer shut down their proprietary CMS and wanted to migrate all clients to WordPress, the very platform that A-Line Designs wanted to get away from in the first place.

Paige Sheller reached out to Steelman Digital and decided to work with us to migrate her website to Webflow and to give it a much-needed re-design after six years.


Our first order of business was to gather feedback from A-Line Designs about their existing website–what they liked, what they didn't like, and their goals for the new site.

Next, we created a sitemap and wireframes to help us organize the content and layout for the new website. Paige and her team liked the structure and format of their existing site, so we made a minimal amount of layout changes.

Because the proprietary CMS developed by their old web designer was incredibly outdated, we would have to build the new website in Webflow from the ground up.

We then pulled the content from their old site, imported it into Webflow, and began rebuilding the website. Inspired by the initial design, we reconstructed the layout piece by piece, making our layout adjustments and refinements to the interactions, animations, and colors.

We also worked on optimizing the structure and speed of the website. Since the website is for an interior design company, the website requires a lot of images. Unfortunately, A-Line's previous web designer used 25-40 uncompressed JPEG images on each page. We meticulously optimized these images to the modern WebP standard to speed up each page significantly.


Side-by-side comparison of A-Line Designs' old website (left) and our newly refreshed design (right).

The final product is a beautiful, modern website that's easy for A-Line Designs to maintain. It has a visually stunning, updated, cleaner, crisper, and snappier interface that loads quickly and performs smoothly, even with hundreds of images.

With A-Line Designs' new website, we more than doubled the performance of the old website, increased accessibility by 17%, used 33% better practices, and increased SEO performance by 23%.

Best of all, our migration and re-design still ended up being much cheaper than the migration their previous web designer wanted to force them to do.


A-Line Designs' story is an excellent reminder that not all web design companies have your best interests at heart. It can also remind you that you're never stuck with a lousy website, even if you think you are.

If you're unhappy with your current website or web design company, contact Steelman Digital. Our company is built on a solid foundation of trust, quality, and results. We'll never try to force you into a solution that doesn't make sense for your business–like A-Line's old website designer attempted to do with A-Line Designs. Instead, we'll work with you to find a solution that makes the most sense for your business goals and budget.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your website goals, and for all your Oklahoma interior design needs, be sure to reach out to A-Line Designs.

Earlier this year, we were a client with another local website design and hosting company and we were notified that our site needed to be fully redesigned or it would no longer work within a given time frame. I decided to reach out to Jake at Steelman Digital. I am very glad I did as Jake was excellent to work! His ideas and designs were fantastic as well as his communication and overall professionalism. He was very responsive to any questions or concerns we had along the way, including various personalized video walkthroughs of the design process. I am thrilled with how our new website turned out. I would highly recommend Steelman Digital.

Dale Sheller
Co-Owner, A-Line Designs