CJ's Custom Apparel


We created a brand new website from the ground up for CJ's Custom Apparel, one of Oklahoma City's best custom apparel companies.

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3 weeks


September 8, 2021


CJ's Custom Apparel is an Oklahoma City-based custom apparel designer. They work with small businesses, sports teams, organizations, clubs, and more to help them create high quality custom apparel that they can be proud of.

Their old website was using a platform called Deco Apparel. The website's design was clunky, slow, and they knew it was time to revamp it.

Joseph Wehagen, CJ's owner, reached out to Carbon Creative in August 2021 with the goal of re-designing their website to be cleaner, simpler, and modern.


After getting the initial proposal reviewed, we got to work on a homepage mockup using Sketch.

After a few design iterations, we got the overall design direction approved after about 7 days and then and began site development.


We chose Webflow for development, as it would allow us to quickly develop the designs into a beautiful, responsive, and functional website.

We started our Webflow development by creating a design system and styling each component individually.

Finally, we assembled the website and went through a few rounds of revisions with Joseph, until we reached a final version that Joseph and the CJ's team loved.


Two weeks after publishing the site, CJ's saw a 200% increase in lead generation, and has been able to maintain that number of leads generated with a growth rate of 5% every month. A job well done!

Steelman Digital did a great job from start to finish on our website. We are very pleased with their work and fair pricing. We look forward to continuing business with them.

Joseph Wehagen
Owner, CJ's Custom Apparel