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Website Maintenance Services

Managing your site can be exhausting. It doesn't have to be.

You've got a business to run, but you can't neglect your website.

In today's times of technological advancement, consumer standards are always changing, and rules and regulations change just as often.

It can be extremely difficult for business owners to keep up with their website amid the slew of other responsibilities that come with managing a business.

Website upkeep usually gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list, and over time, your site becomes neglected, slow, and outdated.

What would happen if you didn't maintain your storefront or your offices? It would start to smell bad, floors and tables would become dirty, cobwebs would form, and shelves would accumulate dust.

What happens when a customer sees your store like that, or a potential client sees your office like that?

They leave and never come back.

Your website is the exact same, but online. It's your digital storefront. Consistently neglecting your website leads to an outdated interface, old content, and slow performance.

Customers notice this!

After making a split-second judgement about your website, and therefore your business, they leave and find another business that has a fresh design, snappy performance, and up-to-date content.

"Maintenance is important, but I've still got a score of other things to do! How will I keep up with my website on a day to day basis?"

We know how busy you are as a small business owner and entrepreneur. That's why we offer hosting and maintenance services for each of our website clients. Each month, depending on your plan, we'll dedicate a certain number of hours to keeping your website:

  1. Fresh and clean looking so your customers keep coming back.
  2. Compliant with ever-changing search engine algorithms, helping you climb to the top of Google.
  3. Safe and secure to protect your visitors privacy around the clock.
  4. Online 99.99% of the time so you never lose any visitors.
  5. ...and so much more.

Rest easy and focus on your business, knowing that your website stays professionally maintained and updated by web design and digital marketing experts. Choose Steelman Digital for your website design, hosting, and maintenance needs!

Why should you choose Steelman Digital?

Big agencies have so many unnecessary costs that result in higher fees and slower delivery times. We think there's a better way to provide web design services.

Our streamlined processes enable us to build better websites faster and at a lower cost. Talent shouldn't be limited to one city, so we work with the best talent across the globe on a per-project basis.

Speaking of cost, we won't give you the runaround on pricing, either. We charge per project, not hourly, so we have no incentive to stall or drag the project on.

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